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Oral Sedation

At Dr. Vinson’s office our priority is to make our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We understand that undergoing a dental procedure causes anxiety and uneasiness in many people. To ensure your comfort, we offer oral sedation before major procedures. A consultation with Dr. Vinson will help us determine if oral sedation is necessary and at what dosage.

If anxiety is an issue for you on your dental visits, sedation can help both you and our staff. With sedation, we are often able to get more dental work done in fewer appointments and complete complex dental procedures in less time. Sedation can be administered as early as the day before a procedure and will reduce your memory of sounds and smells that may be distressing afterward.

We love seeing you, but we understand the feeling may not always be mutual. If you have anxiety about a dental procedure, be sure to talk to Dr. Vinson on your next visit and see if oral sedation is right for you.